The Elevator Inspectors Who Care About Safety and Compliance

Welcome to Annual Elevator Inspection Services! We are a team of professional elevator inspectors, available to serve clients in Santa Fe as well as the rest of the Greater Houston and Galveston areas in Texas. Whenever you need experts to assess the elevators in your establishment, you can depend on us.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the safety of the public by holding the highest standards when inspecting elevators.

About the Business

Annual Elevator Inspection Services is a family-owned-and-operated company that is comprised of qualified elevator inspectors (QEI) with an advanced knowledge in the industry. With professionals at work, we ensure that every job is done with a high level of quality, accuracy, and integrity. We are registered through the State of Texas (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) and The City of Houston. We strictly use the required inspection reports for the State of Texas or City of Houston, depending on your jurisdiction.

About Our Owner

Having spent more than 35 years of his life and career as an elevator technician in the Greater Houston area, Jeff Shipwash has performed thousands of elevator inspections to date. He draws upon the knowledge he gained while overseeing inspection and test witnessing jobs to ensure that the elevators he and his team thoroughly inspect will be safe for everyone.

In addition, Jeff works diligently and communicates closely with the building owners, management companies, and elevator maintenance providers to ensure a smooth inspection process. As a seasoned technician in the same locale, he is familiar with most of the elevator maintenance providers, which make up his company’s vast network resources.

Why Choose Us

We gladly work with our client’s elevator dealer and the owner of the building as we do a seamless inspection. Additionally, you can count on our technical know-how as we have worked on various elevator makes and models, allowing us to be familiar with how these units operate.

While it can be difficult for all to agree on a certain schedule, we assure you that we are very flexible. Our team will do what it takes to follow the inspection schedule of your choosing. In addition, we offer competitive rates, but every dollar you spend will be worth it.